The Colentum 6 Archaeological Treasure (ABC6) has contributed to the valorisation of the cultural and natural heritage of the Colentum archaeological site through the animation and education of the owners of the land on the hill of Gradina, in the premises of the National Library and the
reading rooms Murter yesterday at the 18th meeting , fostering volunteerism in the local community, and networking stakeholders from a private, public and non-profit sector. The project is implemented by the association Argonauta in cooperation with Murter – Kornati Municipality, with the financial support of the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds.

The meeting brought together the owners of the land on the hill of Gradina, representatives of the non-profit, public and private sector. At the beginning of the meeting, Ivona Jadriæ, Executive Director of the Argonauta Association, presented the Archaeological Treasure Colentum 6 project and recalled the results of the successfully implemented Archaeological Treasure Colentum 1-5.

The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to hear about the project Colentum Archaeological Park designed by architect Vinko Peraèiæ. The architect presented the conceptual design of the hill of Gradina hill in Murter, with a special emphasis on creating an arboretum on
Colentum. Following the presentation of the architect's conceptual design, Eupolis Group's Ranko Milic consultant, he presented the model of public-private partnership for the management of the Gradina hill in favor of the local community, landowners, visitors and all involved stakeholders.

The open discussion at the end of the meeting showed that landowners on Gradina Hill had positive reactions to the proposed projects and they would be happy to be involved in future projects. He also joined Port Isaac in the name of the Murter-Kornati Municipality, which with the Colentum Archaeological Park project applied for funds. This meeting is the first official contact with the owners of the land on the hill Gradina and as such we consider it very important to continue cooperation and activities in the field of archaeological site Colentum.

The meeting also announced the next activity concerning the construction of one of the plots on Mount Gradina as a pilot project for the future arboretum on Gradina. Also, the record of plant species on the hill Gradina is underway, which will also be an important contribution to the valorization of this site.