Corner for owners

The majority of the territory of the Gradina Hill, including the Colentum archeological site, is privately owned. More than one hundred parcels belonging to different owners span over the entire archeological site. The realization of any project on the Colentum area would be impossible without the collaboration with the owners. So far the collaboration has been fruitful, and we would like it to remain the same in the future, allowing the property owners to benefit from the Colentum projects.

Hereby we invite all interested parties to contact us to find out more about the potential projects, or to share their own ideas and suggestions with us. The Colentum Archeological and Recreational Park project is currently being implemented in collaboration between the Municipality of Murter-Kornati and NGO Argonauta. The Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds is financing the realization of the project titled “Colentum Archeological Treasure 6”. This project envisions collaboration between the local authorities and the landowners, with the aim of valorization of the Gradina Hill, and the Colentum archeological site, enriching tourist offer, raising the life standards of the local community, and allowing individual owners to benefit from their properties on Gradina.

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