EVS and Colentum

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is one of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ program activities. EVS offers participation in international projects in any member state of the European Union, encourages active citizenship, and provides an extraordinary opportunity for youngsters to learn, travel, meet new cultures and customs, achieve personal growth through building tolerance, solidarity, and understanding.

Argonauta Association for Nature and Environment Conservation and Sustainable Development takes part in the implementation of projects of this short term EVS, and has by now carried out several projects in collaboration with its associates, such as „Back to Ancient Europe I-III”, and „Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza I-III“. Over the years, these projects enabled many volunteers from around Europe to visit Murter where they took part in activities related to the Colentum archeological site. In a pleasant workplace atmosphere, the team of young Europeans took care of the archeological site area, rebuilt parts of a dry-stone wall on Colentum, constructed the first viewpoint on Gradina, rebuilt a dry-stone wall along the beach, cleared the bushes between the maritime villa and the cape of peninsula, got involved in archeological excavations and conservation, etc. A website dedicated to the archeological site was launched, and got translated into several languages. Furthermore, the first puppet show on Colentum was conceived as well. Project results can be found in the PDF document.

You can follow all the activities of our past and future volunteers on EVS Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza Facebook page. These and similar projects help us fulfill our mission, and make the archeological site even more attractive. Hence, we hope to have equal success in writing and implementing projects that will contribute to the development of Colentum.



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