Projekt Historic

Project title:

HISTORIC: Heritage for Innovative and Sustainable TOurist Regions in Italy and Croatia

Funding Programme:

Program Interreg Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Priority 3.1 – Make natural and cultural heritage leverage for sustainable and more balanced territorial development


Start: 01.01.2019 – End: 30.06.2021 (30 months)

Project Partnership:

Lead Partner: Sistemi Territoriali S.p.A. (IT)

PP1: Municipality of Rovigo (IT)

PP2: University of Padua – Department of Cultural Heritages (IT)

PP3: Regional Agency for the Right to Study – ESU Venice (IT)

PP4: Municipality of Medulin (HR)

PP5: Municipality of Murter-Kornati (HR)


The Northern Adriatic Sea has been the theatre of trades and migrations since the prehistoric age. The cultural and natural bonds are largely acknowledged nowadays even if they remain under perceived by the general public and mass-tourists consuming tourism resources at a frantic pace.

In fact, while tourism has the potential to enhance and preserve the tangible and intangible cultural heritage on which it relies, if it is not managed and controlled, it can also degrade and irreversibly damage this valuable resource. On the contrary, the cultural valorization of historic heritages is key for creating an all-year-long sustainable tourism product.

The challenges that the project is tackling are related to:

  • more conscious use of the cultural heritage, which could be sustainable and responsible;
  • more inclusive participation of locals and multilevel stakeholders;
  • smarter coordination between the various sectors and administrative institutions working on both sides of the Adriatic Sea (such as transport planning, heritage, environment);
  • better management of tourist flows, optimizing seasonal flows to be redirected from the center to the periphery, throughout the year with a planned and shared technological approach between Italy and Croatia;
  • improved accessibilities to natural and cultural heritage destinations for people with disabilities thanks to the deployment of Augmented Reality, virtual and web applications and Small scale investments in infrastructures.


Total: 2.432.995,75 €

ERDF contribution: 2.068.046,37 €