Summer archeology workshops

Learning about the past of a certain area allows us to become aware of our present, to shape the future od that same area, to cherish what we already have, and to increase its value at the same time. Because of its beauty, Dalmatia has for centuries been a dream place to live in. Each and every stone can testify on that matter.

Education center’s Archeological Mondays draw inspiration from the history of the area, especially when it comes to Colentum, a town on the hill. Archeological site of this Liburnian and Roman town is located on the Gradina Peninsula, and its remains on the hill, as well as those underwater have a mysterious and interesting history. Although the site has been researched only partially, we still know quite enough to tell at least a part of its story. Children are our favorite audience for whom it is worth to preserve the site. Considering the remains of the Liburnian and Roman periods, workshops for children are usually based on topics related to those periods. Argonauta’s small archeologists have for now learned on the great Roman Emire, Roman art and ancient art techniques, money and trade. However, there are still so many interesting topics to come. We are sure that we won’t lack ideas for our workshops since the Colentum archeological site always keeps inspiring us.