lthough NGO Argonauta has recognized the importance and possibilities of the Colentum archeological site, it wouldn’t be able to accomplish its ideas without appropriate partners. Experts in archeology, underwater archeology, history and art history are in charge of the research of the site. Their experience and expertise serve us as an aid in proper research, protection and valorization of the same site. All the activities, camps, and workshops require financial support provided by our partners who have recognized the importance of the project for the entire community. In most cases, volunteers with different preferences are also of great help in the implementation of our activities. Media who can also be seen as our partners in introducing the public audience with our work and Colentum itself, should not be forgotten either.

Our partners:

  • Šibenik City Museum
  • Archelogy Department (the University of Zadar)
  • History Department (the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb)
  • Ministry of Culture
  • The Municipality of Murter-Kornati
  • The Municipality of Tisno
  • Murter-Kornati Tourist Board
  • Betina Tourist Board
  • Kornati National Park Public Institution
  • Vransko Jezero Nature Park Public Institution
  • 4 grada Dragodid Association
  • Feniks Association
  • Modrave Murter-Betina Association
  • Latinsko idro Association