Ancient oil lamp replica (lucerne)
Many traces of ancient way of living and objects of everyday usage have been found on the area of former Colentum. One of those objects served as a model for our first souvenir – ancient oil lamp replica (lucerne). This lamp was used to light up all the rooms in residences of ancient Colentians, and this souvenir is fully functional just like the original lamp! You can purchase it in NGO Argonauta premises, and light up your and your friends’ homes the same way people in Antiquity did!

Price 50,00 Kn

”Adventures of Quintus Petronius Valens Colentinus – Shipbuilder’s Challenge” – an illustrated story
Once upon a time in ancient Colentum lived a boy called Quintus Petronius Valens Colentinus… What adventures did he go through growing up? Did he become a legionnaire? Did he succeed in protecting his town from enemies? These and many more interesting facts can be found in our illustrated story ”Adventures of Quintus Petronius Valens Colentinus” written by Mirna Vulin. This interesting story illustrated by Igor Mudronja can be purchased in NGO Argonauta premises. Read the story and find out about exciting past of Colentum and its citizens.

Price 39,00 Kn

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