Public works on Colentum

Thanks to the Croatian Employment Service’s Public works program, in 2011 two employees were hired to clear out the bushes on the area of the Colentum archeological site. The Šibenik City Museum was supervising these activities, while NGO Argonauta coordinated the entire process in collaboration with the Municipality of Murter-Kornati and Murtela Utility Service. The project had a positive effect on the local community. At the same time it resulted in a tidier archeological site that only gained on value, but it also reduced unemployment in the community.

Through Croatian Employment Service’s Public works program, the Municipality of Murter-Kornati managed to hire 9 employees in autumn 2017 to take care of the entire municipality, including the archeological site area.

Kornati National Park Public Institution made a special contribution to the site. Fifteen of their employees are engaged in taking care of Colentum archeological site, and rebuilding its dry-stone walls. Their engagement in rebuilding the dry-stone wall along the archeological beach, conceived as a part of Vinko Peračić’s project titled the Colentum Archeological and Recreational Park, is of special importance.

Together with its volunteers, NGO Argonauta organized cleaning campaigns on several occasions. Considering the fact there is still room for many more public works activities, we would like to invite all those interested in contributing to the valorization of the site to join us in future campaigns.