The first archeological beach

The first Croatian archeological beach, made in 2017 near the maritime villa on the Gradina Peninsula, is approximately two hundred meters long. All the actions, such as filling the beach with gravel, or installation of trashcans and floating safety barriers, were achieved under the supervision of archeologists and conservators. An information board for divers and curious swimmers was put up as well.
The archeological beach brought many positive reactions from both random and intentional swimmers in the first year of its existence. It is currently the biggest beach in Murter, with the intention of further expansion after the summer. The Municipality of Murter-Kornati governs the horticultural activities that include neglected forests and olive groves on the Colentum area. Clearing the bushes should result in creation of a shade ideal as a shelter during hot summer days. The dry-stone wall along the beach is being rebuilt, as well as the road within its borders so that pedestrians and cyclists wouldn’t disturb swimmers, and vice versa.

This beach is the only beach in Croatia that intertwines history, archeology, oceanography, and cultural and recreational tourism. Its realization contributes to the valorization of the Colentum archeological site. Another aim is to form an underwater educational trail through the Colentum Archeological and Recreational Park project. Many remains of seaport facilities, ballast stones, and amphorae can still be seen there. Future underwater research near the maritime villa will most certainly result in extending our knowledge on this opulent archeological site.